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    Ode to Brexit

    Ode to Brexit

    Britain has voted to leave the EU
    The country decided to try something new
    We want to recapture control of our laws
    A clearly attractive and popular cause

    British voters were promised the future was bright
    With immigrant numbers reduced overnight
    350 mill extra to keep us all healthier
    And new global trade deals to make us all wealthier

    Our Leaders insist we deserve special favours –
    We’re the mighty UK and EU’s nearest neighbours
    We seek a new partnership that’s special and deep
    With some member perks that we may wish to keep

    The EU is flummoxed by our tactics so far
    They can’t understand what our goals really are
    ‘Brexit means Brexit’ the PM has decreed
    ‘Though nothing is certain till all is agreed’

    ‘We’ll have our cake and eat it’ the Brexiteers’ claim
    A bespoke new free trade deal’s the ultimate aim
    They say we need Europe less than they need us
    So they’ll agree new arrangements without too much fuss

    But what if those promises are merely illusions
    Will people challenge the collective delusions?
    Our political leaders and much of the Press
    Have no idea how on earth to get out of the mess

    They threaten our partners we’ll leave with no deal
    And ideologues think that this has great appeal
    Though ‘Hard Brexit’ risks so many jobs being lost
    Some want to Leave now, whatever the cost

    The country is caught ‘twixt hard Left and hard Right
    As Brexit’s become a political fight
    There’s still a real chance, common sense will prevail
    Before ruining our future, chasing some holy grail

    3 thoughts on “Ode to Brexit

    1. Sorry don’t agree Ros.

      I like Europe but not the unelected parasites who tell is what to do and use our hard earned taxes. It’s a simple matter of economics for them, they just want our money, period.

      What was promised in 1973 is not what I see now and where the EU is going and 52% of the UK don’t like it either. Tough, I didn’t like Blair and Brown but had to put up with them for 14nwhole years. Out is Out, roll on clean Brexit.

      PS it’s not all about quantity, its also about quality. Also the UK has not yet fallen apart since June 2016!

    2. I live in UK 11 yrs. My origin is Polish but looking what is going on in France, Germany or Sweden I agree with Brexit.

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