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How long could a pension fund last?

This calculator is designed to be used in discussion with your independent financial adviser.  It does not offer any investment advice.  It can help you understand how buying an annuity with a guaranteed lifetime income might compare with leaving money invested and taking income out regularly instead.  It calculates how old you might be when your pension fund runs out of money, given the age at which you will start taking income from it, the amount you take out each year and the net investment returns the fund might earn.  You might find this calculator useful when talking with your financial adviser about your pension planning.


1. Enter the value of your pension fund in the ‘Pension Fund’ box

2. Enter the amount of income you might want to take out each year (or the amount of annuity income you have been quoted) in the ‘Annual Amount taken out’ box

3. Enter your age when payments will start

4. If you want to, you can also select the net investment return you might expect to earn on the Fund, by putting the percentage in the Investment Return  box.  If you don’t want to choose your own figure, then the calculator will use a standard rate of 3.5% a year.

The calculator will then immediately show at what age your fund would run out of money.

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Age at which Pension Fund might run out of money = Years