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    Increasing State Pension Age to 75 would be an outrage

    Increasing State Pension Age to 75 would be an outrage

    • Increasing State Pension Age to 70 and then 75 would be wrong.
    • Strict chronological age cut-off ignores the 19-year gap in healthy life expectancy across UK. 
    • Saving public money is all well and good, but not by penalising the poorest and most vulnerable.
    • Working longer can be good for health and wealth but it should be a choice, not forced labour.
    • More flexibility is needed for earlier pensions for people in poor health and unpaid carers.
    • UK already has the lowest state pension in the developed world so how can it be unaffordable?

    The Centre For Social Justice has just released an astonishing policy paper, proposing to increase the State Pension Age dramatically – to 70 by 2028 and then to 75 a few years later. Apart from the fact that we are already seeing problems as women’s State Pension Age has risen sharply, and further increases for men and women are already underway, these proposals would create significant social ‘injustice’.

    Forcing everyone to wait longer for State Pension on basis of average life expectancy is unjust: Stark pension age rises would create significant hardship for many Britons. Such misguided policy proposals suggest little understanding of the role and impact of State Pensions and the differentials within our society.

    Variation in healthy life expectancy across the country is 19 years: Those who have had heavy manual labour careers, the less well-off or people with poor health might never receive their State Pension, even though they contributed National Insurance for decades. Current State Pension policy fails to recognise that those in the most deprived areas tend to die younger and on average spend 19 more years in poor health in old age than people in the least deprived parts of the country. Raising the pension age further still, will create even greater injustice, causing unwarranted hardship for the most vulnerable older people.

    It is rare that I see a proposal which is so damaging in terms of both policy and politics: This flawed policy thinking needs to be dismissed immediately, before it has any chance of being adopted by politicians looking for seemingly easy benefits. In any case, such proposals would be politically disastrous. Indeed, I believe, they would have damaging effects similar to the dreadful Manifesto proposals for social care reform which helped the Government lose its majority at the 2017 General Election.

    Yes, working longer can be beneficial for many people’s health and wellbeing, but not all: A significant minority of the population, many of whom have had hard physical manual labour careers, are simply not well enough to carry on. And those who leave work to care for loved ones should not be expected to wait so many more years. Either they, or those who need their care, will suffer. Policy should be about encouraging longer working life, not callously forcing it on people who cannot cope.

    Yes, keeping more older people in work can boost the economy and cut public spending, but it should be their choice: Official estimates suggest that an increase of just one year in the average age at which older people retire would add 1% to National Output (GDP). And increasing the State Pension Age would save significant sums in benefit spending as the population ages. But just forcing people to wait longer for their pension, regardless of their circumstances, is not a socially equitable welfare policy, nor does it accord with the principles of a basic State Pension to offer support to people who have paid contributions for their working life. Boosting growth and cutting spending on the backs of would-be pensioners is wrong. Indeed, major State Pension Reform in 2016 was supposed to have made State Pensions affordable for the long-term.

    More than 1 million over-50s want to work but can’t find a job – let’s help them first: Age discrimination is still embedded in the labour market and currently over 1 million people below state pension age cannot find a job. Increasing support for these citizens – with retraining programmes and employer incentives – should be the first priority. Only when work is readily available to all who want it before reaching current state pension ages, could further State Pension Age rises be considered. Leaving more people languishing on ‘in-work’ benefits, when they have no prospect of finding the work they need, or are being forced to carry on when they are not fit to do so, denies them the dignity and choice they deserve. Forcing people to work till they drop is not the mark of a civilised society – there must be room for choice.

    We need to get away from the idea that there is one ‘magic age’ beyond which people won’t be expected to work: Chronological age is not a sufficient defining characteristic for State Pension. Other factors should be used to determine eligibility, incorporating flexibility for individual differences in the qualification criteria.

    For example, cost could be controlled by number of years of contributions to National Insurance: To qualify for a full State Pension requires just 35 years of National Insurance. This is nowhere near a full working life. Many years of contributions seem to be wasted. Perhaps full State Pension should only paid to those with, say, 50 years on their record. And people should be able to start drawing a reduced pension on health grounds or to recognise unpaid caring roles. Allowing ongoing increases in State Pension for extra National Insurance years with no upper limit could also be considered, to help overcome the stark minimum age cut-off. Or perhaps as soon as someone has 50 years NI, they are entitled to a State Pension (regardless of chronological age), so those who started work earliest (usually the lower-paid) can retire earlier too, while those moving to the UK later in life would also get less.

    UK State Pension is lowest in developed world and discriminates on grounds of age and health: Our State Pension is not generous, it offers only basic minimum support. Indeed the OECD shows the UK pays the lowest of all OECD countries. Are we seriously suggested this country cannot afford this, even after reforms in 2016 that were said to make it sustainable. Making people wait longer and longer before they can receive any pension, compounds the current injustices whereby the system discriminates against those who have not attained a required age and can no longer work.

    Flexibility in State Pension is needed for those in poorest health: Currently, anyone healthy and wealthy enough to wait longer can achieve a higher state pension by delaying taking it. But those who are genuinely too ill to work cannot get a penny of their pension until they reach the constantly-rising minimum age. A more sensitive approach would be to ensure that people’s health, working life and caring responsibilities are taken into account and allow them access to State Pension from an earlier age.

    Raising State Pension Age also removes eligibility to other benefits: State pension age is a passport to other benefits, so increasing the age forces older people to wait longer for those too. Pension Credit, needed by the poorest pensioners, was paid from age 60 until recently, but the minimum age is now approaching 66, even though many over-60s are genuinely unable to work. They are forced onto Universal Credit, requiring them to undergo work assessment tests and apply for work, even if they cannot manage. Out of work benefits are much less generous than state pension, and are designed to encourage people into work. Once they are in the retirement age zone, however, this is more like forced labour than social support.

    Mismanagement of increases to Women’s State Pension Age shows how damaging it can be to keep raising pension ages: The DWP is particularly poor at communicating major changes in pension policy. This created enormous hardship for many women, who were never informed that they would not receive their State Pension at age 60. The ‘WASPI’ and ‘BackTo60’ campaigns highlight this. Such changes impact people’s lives and constant tinkering is damaging. Ideally, nobody should have an expectation of any specific age at which they stop work altogether. Just running pensions policy on the basis of averages is not appropriate in today’s Britain. Planning for part-time work and ongoing retraining through life will be important to help people work longer, but the inflexibility of a fixed pension age fails to cater for individual differences.

    (The CSJ Report is here: https://www.centreforsocialjustice.org.uk/library/ageing-confidently-supporting-an-ageing-workforce )

    141 thoughts on “Increasing State Pension Age to 75 would be an outrage

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts on this matter I’m on a salary of just over £14,000 and have been trying to save as much as I can for Retirement at age 67. When I read about this I firstly cried for the best part of 2 days and I am now extremely angry. I was really pleased to read your thoughts and you are the first person who is putting into words the thoughts of the Country. Thanks so much for publicising this and being vocal in a time when others bury their heads in the sand.

      1. I have worked all my life from the age of 15 and have to retire at the age of 66, I work for a council and from my experience, they have restructured within and in those restructured they get rid of old staff and replace with young staff. To get a job in your 60s is much more difficult so what do the propose with these situations

        1. You do not have to retire at 66. You can still continue to work and can defer your pension if you so wish or choose to take your pension and pay the tax

          1. Yes some people can and there is the majodi of us who do not wish to do so. We all have a choice in how we choose our working future but I am certainly not one who chooses to work until I am 70 or 75. Some people have not been fortunate enough to have jobs which give fantastic final salary pensions and had to take whatever job they could in their younger years to support their parents and then their own families. To continue to raise the retirement age as some folk come close to their retirement age is not acceptable. I for one have completed my 37+ years contribution and was expecting to retire at 60 but that won’t happen now I have to work a further seven years or more.

        2. I retired at 68 and claimed my pension after working from 16 years old. But I live out of the UK so my pension is frozen at the rate I received then. I am now 74 so unjustly have not received an increase for 6 years.

          1. I will be 60 in February. I’m riddled with arthritis and in my lumbar . I’m in constant pain and getting up stairs is like a mission. I have got 4 cleaning jobs which has become a challenge now. My nurse has actually told me if I stop i will seize up which it did in my fingers .

          1. Thats a rather harse comment! Are you aware of how much their take home pay was? How many dependants they had? How much their living cost were?

          2. SO easy for a BLOKE to say, who OBVIOUSLY has NO IDEA, that women earn LESS than men, and have done for HUNDREDS of years, quite often even NOW for doing the same job, EVEN THOUGH THAT IS ILLEGAL NOW! Indeed has been for years! Still happens though, in some jobs adding up to tens of thousands of pounds, EVERY YEAR!

        3. 1 agree that the pension age should be back at 60. There are so many young people out there getting benefit that should be working. They are using the system and the system using us that worked hard. We must be given the choice if we want to retire at 70. I am told I cant get my pension until 67. I am a nurse retired from NHS due to I’ll health. I have never claimed any benefit before. I should be getting my state pension now at 60. Please, please Mr PM look into changing this.

        4. I started school age 5left at 15 with same class of girls yet I have to work 8months longer than some of those because I was one of the Younger ones in the class ,would like someone to explain why as have I not up to now paid same amount ,worked all my life

      2. They should REDUCE the age of retirement for men and women to 60. It would be economically cheaper. That way giving the younger generations jobs..surely it’s cheaper than paying benefits to say a young couple with 2,3,4 children. Also showing their children good work ethics. The way things are, unemployed parents seem to have children who then themselves go on benefits because that’s the way they think it goes…. I’ve worked since I was 14 .

        1. I totally agree younger people should go to work I have known quite a few people who are just too lazy and are happy to see us older ones work till we drop me and my husband have worked since leaving school and now I can’t work because of long term illness my husband is still working he is 60 years old and he isn’t too well but has to work rd heartbreaking to see him struggling to go.

        2. I totally agree with this, bring the pension age back down to 60, especially for women.

          Every individual circumstance is different and some people have to endure more than others, such as caring for parents or suffer with illnesses themselves. Longevity of working past 60 is unscrupulous and very unfair on the working class for anybody in politics to even contemplate.

          1. I totally agree am 51, certainly do not want to work to 70 plus. I just hope a government brings in reduced pension age, first one that purposes this will get my vote. I certainly cannot see me working to late years , life in later years should be enjoyed

          2. I am 64 had to stop working to look after my husbands who through not his fault but due to continue illness heart Copd dementia diabetis 15 years suffering i have no qualifications he died october last year now i have to go look for work with no qualifications no money excrpt from jobcentre who keep at me to find ork now this virus and do many people out of work but i feel im getting presured to work or loose y home and help from goverment become homeless no help at all its just do wrong i did work at sainsbury efore my hubby got ill for just over a year yet there are tjos e who are young living on benefits havin a good life while others who are older work till thy drop i have thyroid probleme over weight from it blood pressure yet im getting forced

        3. Your words are words of wisdom and commonsense!
          Some positions within the working arena are far more strenuous than others and cannot be sustained.To adopt a one size fits all is incredulous!
          Lowering the retirement age to 60 should definitely be an option.
          For those who want to carry on working, who possibly can, well that is their choice.

        4. I totally agree
          I am a nurse nearly 60 years old now carnt retire until i 68 its too old
          Nursing is physical and mentally draining i cannot see me working until then
          I been working since i was 15 years old
          Paid years of ni and tax
          Give it me back now please while i can enjoy it
          What a scandle

          1. I also work in care it is a heavy job i am 60 and have arthritis i find it harder some days because of the heavy load i should be retired but the government in all their widom keep putting the retirement age up ….totally unfair i also have worked since the age of 14
            There are lots of heavy manual jobs ..people doing them deserve to retire let the younger ones get out to work give the oldies the rest they deserve

          2. Totally agree, I am a nurse who is 45 years old and been a nurse for 25 years. I find the 12 hour shifts and nights draining now. I cannot imagine doing this job at 65 let alone 75! Can see it now…the patients more physically able than myself!! Also manual jobs no one can expect to work like that past 60, it’s not so easy retraining or changing skill at that time of life. This policy is obviously thought up by people who haven’t done a days manual work in their life! Very angry!!

        5. These are my exact thoughts, been trying to voice them somewhere. Especially in the present circumstanes, with all the job losses that are about to appear. We have already paid for our pensions why can’t we take them at 60, 65. Especially as we are more vunerable in the present climate

      3. I’ve worked in care most of my adult life I’ve worked for the NHS I left them a year ago because I found there’s no care anymore I now work for an agency working in care homes and is very hard work it’s backbreaking and I love the job I do I know I would not be able to do this work at the age of 77 my back would not last that long

    2. Where l used to work the trade unions asked the company, what is the effect on average of company pensioners life expectancy when early retirement is taken? The company would never supply the answer.
      Boeing in the US did supply figures which broadly showed for each year retirement taken before age 65 equated to a year longer life than those who retired at 65.

    3. I am 64 and retired from my part time job at 60 due to significant health problems and my husband who’s 63 – is still working and contributing – since he was 16 and both of us have to wait until we’re 66 to get our state pension. I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts and comments. We are saving as much as we can on his minimum wage job so that he can possibly retire earlier – but it’s a uphill struggle. No allowances have been made for workers having to retire due to ill health – It’s disgraceful! Work till you drop was supposed to stop when the welfare system was introduced – but not a good deal of thought seems to have gone into how to manage the future state pension requirements – other than being blinkered turning a blind eye and deaf ear to common sense and pulling the rug out from under the feet of a group of older workers who have contributed for years – forced to carry on working and still contributing. It stinks of backtracking to Victorian standards. What’s the point of a retirement if you’re too old and ‘cream crackered’ to enjoy it!

      1. I to had to reluctantly leave my job due to ill health at the age of 64. The company I worked for retired me of with pay due to my mental health issues as I was having to to take to much time out. I was due to retire at 66.
        I had to wait until I was 66 to get my pension which was a struggle to manage on just my PIP until I was able to claim my pension.
        I personally think that this country needs to look into our pension system we are the lowest paid and eventually going to be working longer than any other country in the world , working until 70 would be a disaster.
        Pension age should have stayed at 65 , now it’s already changed to 66 that should not go any further other age increase should be STOPPED NOW.

    4. I’m 60 yrs and looking forward to 2025 when I can retire , if iv got money all good and well if not I’ll live on what I get as in a state pension , iv worked in the building and shipbuilding trades all my days , and believe me I’m ready to retire now if I could. My thoughts on this is if somebody wants to work on then happy days maybe there job suits working on, but dont take this out on everybody that want to retire at 66 by raising the state pension age to god knows when. The government wants you to work till you drop

      1. It do’s seem the government’s policy is to get people to work till they drop! Thus not having to pay out to people who have been in physically demanding jobs, like the building trade.
        Then again i’m not sure but think of jobs like firefighters , police. Who have great pension’s can retire early, or get 2nd jobs. Even civil service people have good pensions.
        The other thought i have are work place pensions worth it, for say a 60 year old? Not enough is being put in by company’s. And any extra you do put in, will be taxed at source. After adding in your main pension.
        It has always been my thought that work place pensions are a good idea for younger people if they can get a job? But is this just not a way for government to phrase out the government pension in the future? Or am I being to cynical?
        And after we brexit! Are we still going to contribute to the Eurozone pensions, whose people all retire earlier than us in the UK?

    5. I am 62 in part time work live alone and have been in Ill health for 20 years. I can only just manage to keep the job that I have. Have always worked from 15 years old on low paid wages. I want and need to retire. If this job that I have goes, what then?

      1. That’s the point. They have plans to raise the pension age in the hope that you will die shortly after and before you get back what you have contributed to, all your working life. Thus the government get your hard earned money!

    6. What idiot came up with this . I am now 73 worked 36 year in building trade I don’t know of any one who has not got problems of some sort and if they are lucky enough to get to retirement age before the die they have some problem that will Ned help from NHS. And put further costs on NHS
      Can you see a man of 75 mixing cement climbing scaffolding .i has to be a idiot who sit behind a desk who come up with this idea
      Many men I know who want health treatment say already they treat us as over the hill

        1. Yes I agree 65 should be retirement age I have put In system since I was 16 I’m now 63 done my working life in heavy engineering should be my retirement 65 not 66 the government are stealing my money to gain another year off me I worked for it

          1. We work all our lives ! Some of us don’t see our retirement fund some pass away beforehand! It is our pension fund! Not the government!so if we die early all our pension money accumulated should go to our widows or spouses etc 🤬

          2. They’re not stealing your money. They’re just delaying the date that you get it. And when you get it, the contributions you have paid all your life are enough to pay you your pension for 12 years only – yes 12 years only. So if you are living beyond 78, the taxpayer will be supporting you completely. FACT. Not nice, but fact. And before you ask, I am also 64 in a month’s time.

          3. Think yourself lucky Colin ,if I had been born in before may I could of retired at 50 but because I was born November 53 I had to wait another 5 years before I could claim my pension ! I think that is disgusting ,someone a few months younger than me got their pension but I had to wait another 5 years !

        2. Alan please some office staff work really hard and for low pay. I am a 58 year old teaching assistant, a man might not see this as a physical job but I can assure you its physically and mentally draining. Constantly on your feet bending to childrens level always on the move and not well paid. The bonus long holidays although our wage is pro rata to account for this. I always thought I’d retire at 60 then that was changed. I’ve paid my dues as it appears most of you have. It doesn’t matter what job you have done, if you have paid into the system as we have then let us retire at 60 and let the younger generation take over.

    7. I cant believe am reading this there are people out there that have work most of there lifes and it comes time for them to retire and the age get put up not only that then there no jobs for the family man

    8. Compare these pension issues with the plight of British frozen pensioners who typically at the age of 82 are receiving the same non indexed pension at the age of 65.
      All as a result of British government’s breach of National Insurance.contract.

    9. Ageism is ripe throught the world of professional employment.This despite there being no substitute for experience.
      Professional engineering opportunities often unfairly bias against mature candidates, by non engineering savvy immature expert agency selection staff bound by selection software.

    10. it’s cheaper to keep people on unemployment than pay a pension, a pension that as been worked for for 40 years plus.
      universal credit is means tested so thousands of people will not even get that if they have any income from any where, a spouse still working for instance.
      it’s a disgrace that one of the richest countrys in the world scam money from its elderly and informed, our pensions are ridiculously low any way. we send billions abroad to help those in poverty while there governments send rockets to the moon and Mars but cannot feed there own people. totally unacceptable.

      1. we should have been up in arms over this. it’s a disgrace. i think a fair age to retire is 63/64. after that people are just too tired to go on. i don’t think it’s even safe for certain jobs to work on. it should be a choice if you are fit and healthy enough and choose to fair enough. how are the young ment to get jobs if we are still in them till we die.

    11. am 60 in march and can’t work due to illness but putting pension up is ridiculous as most people worked all there life and putting it up to 75 is ridiculous and then takes jobs away from younger generation like families or school leavers so there be more unemployed then so don’t put pension up as not fair on people who want to retire

    12. Nobody has mentioned our so called powers that be .our thinktanks …they are the very same people who are retiring at 55 wacking big pay off and a hefty pension all at our expense
      My question is why do they retire early and we are expected to work until we drop ?????

      1. I am so glad someone has mentioned this!
        Politicians have money to retire early but want to gain money by robbing the elderly of choices and money that is rightfully theirs.
        These are people who have paid in but will die before receiving anything back.
        Shows which direction this country is now going …. back to Victorian times.
        People who are the most vulnerable and have been responsible should not be picked on.
        If the think tank has come up with this goodness knows what else is coming!!

      2. Retirement should be based on years of NI contributions.
        I have 44 years and still have 2.5 years of contibutions and work to go.
        40 years of work and NI contributions is enough for anyone.

        1. It is. Can’t understand why you din’t qualify unless it is that you’ve not reached retirement age. You can view yiur ni contributions and pension forcast if you gi on gov.uk

    13. This is just typical of these think tanks, they are not in touch with the actual reality of proposing such stupid ideas. Industries are already wanting to introduce more automation so as some comments have already been made where are the jobs going to come from. What needs to happen is a reform of how the state pension is funded from the wealthy individuals and industries that benefit greatly from this downturn in labour. Besides who is going to be willing to employ 65 to 75 year olds that’s if they are capable.

    14. Hi
      I completely agree with what you have said in your article and I am one of those women that is still working. I did have 3 cleaning jobs working 25 hours a week until June as it was getting more and more difficult for me with my osteoarthritis in my neck and shoulders and now my back and hands, I had to give up 2 jobs and now work 10 hours a week at a SEN school near where I live. I like working but I’m finding it more difficult from one year to the next. I have just turned 63 and I feel like I’m living to work. What’s more soul destroying apart from my health is that not being able to afford anything, on a wage of £395 per month after paying bills eg. £50 towards rent (the rest housing benefit pays) even though I get a deduction on council tax cause I’m single and on a low wage I still have to find £20 per month to pay council tax then there’s your normal household bills which I struggle to pay. I have tried everything to get help like the warm home discount and apparently though I’m on a low wage under £16.000 per annum and receive housing benefit (cause I’m in supported housing ie sheltered accomadation) as opposed to universal credit paying a big part of my rent, I don’t qualify because you have to have 2 catagorises and I only have the one which is my low wage and housing benefit doesn’t count. I have been for a health assessment with PIP last year in the summer reference my arthritis and mental health problems (I have a nervous disposition where my hands and head shake most of the time which hinders me from the simplest thing like drinking a full mug of tea having to eat my meals withe a spoon, not having the strength and the cramps I get in my hands just lifting a pan of boiled potatoes etc. So with all that I didn’t get any points so ultimately I was denied PIP apparently I look well enough despite the pain I have and loss of sleep through it and though the assesor said my right hand is weaker so to them and according to the accessor I wasn’t shaking at all when I felt my body shaking and I mentioned I can feel my head shaking, the person that went with me for moral support said it’s unbelievable that my whole body was shaking and yet they declined it and said I’m not entitled to it. I have appealed to the court but it seems it’s still sitting there and the court should have received something from DWP by 27/11/19 but according to the tracking DWP still hasn’t sent anything to the court. I am trying to help myself especially my mental health by stIill going to work. I dread to think how I would stand financially should my health get worse. I haven’t always worked in this country though I’m British but I lived and worked in Germany so I haven’t paid in 35 years of NI. Hopefully I’ll be a little better off when I’m 65 as I will receive my German pension. In saying all this in a sense I’m one of the lucky ones I have got a roof over my head not like some women of my age that have to sleep in cars. I just wish the government would just see that that like myself men and women that have health issues through wear and tare of hard work most of our lives are not able to work much longer!!

      1. For help with your PIP appeal try the Citizens advice in your area. They also may have a specialist benefits service.

    15. Yes it’s totally wrong the people who want to implement these changes have never really done a hard day’s work in there lives. I have worked in the building and construction industry since I was fifteen I ruptured a disc in my lower back and now I go to work everyday wearing a back brace. Hoping to get a pension soon but each year they try to raise the retirement age. You should be able to retire at a age where you can still have some remaining quality of life.

    16. UK needs to stop this happening the right time to retire is 60 where you can enjoy life most old people have illness.

      They need to put the younger people to work instead of letting them roam the streets causing trouble.

    17. I’m 64 working part time I have diabetes high blood pressure suffering with anxiety take 9 tablets a day struggling to keep working to pay my Bill’s worked all my life dont think I’ll make 66 it’s all wrong nobody seems bothered.

    18. lesson be learned, get a non-physical job on. DAYS ,work flexi-hours, not more than 35 hours a week, plenty of holidays, with a good defined pension, have a look round where these jobs exist, they do but not for people from poorer areas….

    19. Worked from 13yrs old as Saturday girl. Full time work at 16yrs and worked all my life with short intervals when having my children. Should have been able to retire at 60 but I am one of the unlucky WASPI women. I had to leave work at 62 to care for my husband so had to sell my home as we still owed mortgage (Due to being advised to have an endowment mortgage earlier in life). I paid full amount of stamps to receive full pension years ago but cannot get it and I have to rely on my husbands pension, pension credit etc. I will not receive a full pension now because I have no stamps paid for the extra years because I look after my husband so am not working. My only income is a small private pension of under £50 per week.

      1. I if you receive Carers Allowance for looking after your husband, you should receive National Insurance Credits for each year until you are 66.
        Are you claiming Attendance Allowance for your husband? It is not means tested.

        1. My husband has Bensons syndrome – a form of Alzheimers. We were repeatedly advised, soon after his diagnosis, at a 6 week course run by the Alzheimers Society, that he and other group members would get Attendance Allowance, because of their diagnosis. Try getting it! We have appealed the decision, but my husband still can’t get it. Bensons syndrome affects the person’s cognitive abilities amongst other things. Including memory. Although my husband can start many tasks, he doesn’t have the cognitive ability to complete many of them. However, although he often doesnt remember to take medication, my understanding is because he only needs prompting to shower, this has knocked him out of receiving Attendance Allowance, even though the Alzheimers Society, and his Dementia support worker are adamant he should get it. We assume a few years ago, he would have received it, but obviously, of recent, the goal post has moved.

    20. We need to have a french style national strike to restore previous retirement ages,the people who set these unrealistic targets have no idea how manual work affects peoples health and ability to carry on working after 65 let alone any older.They need to picture their parents or themselves at 70 years old climbing a scaffold,lifting heavy items or other manual labour work,not everyone has a white collar job.

    21. 40 years for a full pension. 30 years for 75%.
      20 years for 50%.Encouraging work.
      Why should people who don’t work get credits which top up there pension. When I say don’t work I do not mean people who are not able though genuine health problems. I appreciate some people genuinely can’t find a job. The longer older people work could cause younger generations to not get a job and fall into crime. Vicious circle.

    22. Are you lot serious? I am 56 and may retire soon. I didn’t have well paid jobs and often worked outside freezing cold and wet. But I never trusted the government or pension schemes and instead saved every spare penny foregoing fancy holidays and decent cars. You might now call me rich. This is due to being very careful and prudent. You can never rely on anyone y. Especially HMG. Some people are genuinely hard done by. But s very large portion have an entitlement culture. You have to take some responsibility yourself.

      1. Its not a sense of entitlement or a benefit It was like a saving both employer and employee entrusted the government with .

        The understanding was women would retire at 60 this isn’t so adding another 3 years was bad enough, then to 65 , now 66 .
        You are to be commend for your forsight and the ability to retire early , eveeyones circumstances differ .

    23. I think it’s terrible , the MPs who will agree to this probably have private pensions and huge savings on the wages they awarded themselves.
      They don’t live in the real world none of them all I can say is shame on them .
      I was lucky that I had a house to sell and was able to buy something cash and have a bit over to top up my very small work pension, but it came at a cost I now live two hours from my family . But after recovering from breast cancer I could no longer do my job that I had been doing for sixteen years , but I still have two years before I get my old age pension . The thought of having to work to 75 is a nightmare.

    24. Whilst I broadly agree, I don’t like the idea people should pay NI contributions for 50 years. I don’t think that is realistic. My partner came here from South Africa in 1992, he is a British citizen, (his Dad is also British) but he grew up there, and he will have to work to 2028 to get a full pension here. As the construction industry seems to have collapsed he is struggling to find work already at age 55 and has not had a proper job for 3 years. I have been main breadwinner since then and I am not sure how we have made it this far on one income without having to sell the house. I suspect my pension, such as it is, will have to support both of us.

    25. I agree with all of the above. It should be a choice to work on after 65, let alone older. Where will the jobs be for youngstets if people have to work to 75 ? There are few enough jobs as it is. Do they really expect manual labourers, teachers, nurses , police, ambulance personnel to be really fit and able to do these jobs effectively ?
      My real question is why didn’t successive governments take heed of the cencus readings and make provision for an increase in the aging population. They should have invested our money more efficiently.

    26. I think this is not acceptable. Your supposed to enjoy your golden years. Not die trying. Besides where does all that money go to if no one claims it. Do companies ride the stock market with it or invest for their personal gains. How about we bring down the age qualifications and let the company’s invest in us for a change. There the one’s reaping our labor. While they get rich .

    27. Whoever came up with that idea ought to try working till they’re 75 for 8/9 hrs a day themselves! It’s truly criminal!!
      I have an idea. How about we let EVERYONE retire at 60, including all those public sector workers who retire at 50 or 55 and then walk in through the back door and get another government job the week after, thus not only robbing a younger person of a job, but making those of us who are unfortunate enough to have to work until we’re 67/70/75, look like idiots! It’s about time things were fair for everyone in this country, not just the rich, the public sector workers and those who have scrounged off the system all their lives, i.e. those we are all paying (through our taxes) to live in a state of permanent ‘retirement’ for most of their lives!!
      Shame on the people who make these decisions!!!

      1. I’m a public sector worker and I can assure you I will not retire rich I’ve been a nurse 32 years and still work 60 to 80 hours a week to get by I take pain killers every day due to arthritis from the job I do I get abused every day I’ve been spat on , punched , scratched , kicked , peed on vomited on poohed on I’m 55 and just looked at my final salary forecast and it’s rubbish oh and by the way I’ve earned every single stinking penny of it how dare you ,surmise we all retire rich I wish

        1. Well said and as another nurse who has experienced all these things I can honestly say I am struggling to cope with the demands of my 12 hour shifts now, and am still trying to imagine how I am going to keep going for another 8 years thanks to the pension age raise that has already been implemented.
          Outside of work I have both my young grandchildren living with me 1 of whom has disabilities and no we do not claim any benefits for looking after him, my husband is also unable to work due to serious age related health issues.
          The idea of being able to keep going until I’m in my 70’s is beyond ridiculous. I have worked full time since I was 16 except for brief maternity leave. I do not and have never been able to afford an extravagant lifestyle and have always lived within my means, not like these politicians and their 2 nd homes claimed for and paid for by the taxpayers in a lot of cases.
          I despair of these arrogant self serving people who think they can keep on targeting the honest hard workers who have paid their dues, and now deserve to be paid the pensions they contributed to and at the time the age they were agreed to be paid at, when the they started paying contributions.

    28. The pension age should never have been increased {& penalise so many in the process} it should have been lowered for all to the age of 60, there are enough people out ther to fill the gap left by retirees who need a job.

    29. I am one of the WASPI ladies, who will have had to wait almost six years more for my state pension. I have got a good suggestion, would love to hear your thoughts. All these celebrity’s out there, TV presenters, actors, footballers, sports personalities and anyone else on that level of income. I think that although they have paid into the system, they should not receive a state pension, do they need it NO. That way maybe, people who have had to give up work early for whatever the reason, can then claim their pension earlier. Also giving other people the option of either retiring at 65, or working longer. It would be their choice.

    30. Why doesn’t the government stop siphoning funds out of the national health fund £179 million so far. Then we can all have a decent pension I am 61 cant retire till 66 will have paid in 50 years contributions have copd and osteoarthritis yet will need to work till I drop because they took the funds and used to bail out banks. Disgusted with the whole system.

    31. For help with your PIP appeal try the Citizens advice in your area. They also may have a specialist benefits service.

    32. This is an old article and was rejected pretty much immediately but now Boris and his ilk have been given a free hand will probably be pushed through.
      I can’t understand the British People, they had the chance to vote in a politician who not only was honest but wanted to stop this sort of thing.
      WELL DONE!

    33. People should not be forced to work longer than 65/66.
      All they will be doing is paying in to a government saving scheme that they may never receive. Let them have s chance at enjoying some years if retirement at least.

    34. What about all the layabouts on benifits why not get them into work and let the 55 plus retire this would save the goverment a substancle amount of money plus give the younger generation the chance to work surely a weekly state pension would be a lower payment to find than benifits every week.

    35. I’ve been a nurse for 32 years I’m 55 years old and no way will I work until I’m 67 years old , I am physically and mentally broken , this govt is completely out of touch with how hard people have to work I work 80 Olly’s hours a week every week just to get by and as for making people pay 50 years national insurance how is that any different to working until 67 ir older even if you work from aged 16 you’ll still be 67 years old retirement age should never have been changed those who work are flogged literally to death whilst others are quite happy to lounge in bed or claim benefits they’ve not entitled to with fictitious ailments these people have no morals and foreigners who never work a day and can’t even speak English are looked after better than our own and they know every trick in the book to claim our benefits and pensions I myself will gladly join them as I cannot work for much longer as I’m in pain every day of my life . Civilized country yeah right

      1. I think the point Ros was making to increase the number of years contributions to say 40 years work is a great one and to allow for a reduced pension for early retirement.

        A bricklayer cannot be expected to work to 75 surely.

    36. I used to work 3 full nights at Tesco’s and work full time as a teaching assistant to be able to buy our first home for my family until the day came that my body and mind just couldn’t do it anymore. I would come home at 6am and start work at 8.30am. The time came when I was falling asleep at work and my body hurt so much that I gave up the night time work. For the last 6 years I have just worked in the school but worry so much as my job is very physical it has taken its toll on my body. The thought of having to do this for another 10 years to retire at 67 worries me so much as not only will it be a huge struggle on my joints , back, etc…. but really and truly the children will need a younger teacher to have the energy levels and strength and fitness that they deserve to teach them. I struggle now with day to day routines as they are 2/4 years old.
      I think that all of the people that have been fortunate enough to earn good money behind a desk that don’t actually need the state pension as they Have been able to pay money into a private pension for their retirement and always retire early anyway because they can rely totally on their private pension should give up their state pension for the people more in need. So we can retire at a decent age to try and enjoy some quality years as we have probably all worked since we were 16. All of these politicians will ALL retire on a massive pension and certainly won’t work any longer than they won’t to.
      Maybe if they were only going to receive just a state pension and had to work until they dropped they wouldn’t have increased the state pension age!!!!

    37. Agree totally with most of the comments on here, I’m 62 worked since I was 14, got made redundant end of November 2019, have had to apply to jobseekers the hardest thing in my life I’ve had to come down to this, it’s absolutely daunting for me I can’t explain how awful I feel, it’s horrendous trying to find a job of any discription, nobody wants anyone over 60 no matter what anybody says, they say there’s loads of jobs out there, lead the way I’m ready for anything please, Ps I worked in a factory doing gas and water valves for vallient boilers, so I’ve got to learn something new, but im so willing to do what it takes, it’s soul destroying to not have a reason to get up in the morning,

    38. There is one difficulty regarding pensions and investments for retirement; namely that of consistency. Legislation and laws are laid down by any government of the day, and can be altered or reversed by political whim. If people can be educated from an early age on the subject of personal finance and pensions, then I think we would be better able to make intelligent choices regarding our respective futures.

    39. Maybe means testing is the best idea. If people who are wealthy can still get a pension on retirement age, seems a waste of public taxes. Only a suggestion, I am sure I will be bombarded by this. The country cannot afford to give out if not enough coming in. I know people have paid taxes all their lives and think it is a right to have it. If you do not need it let it be used for the good of the people who do or for other necessary things in the country. Only saying.


    40. Well it was not an OUTRAGE to move the pension rights of all the WASPI women that have to suffer financial hardships!

      1. Yes it was!!
        When you sign up at 15 you don’t expect to be told it is being pushed further and further away as you approach the final age.
        In Poland they changed the age back.
        So there is a Govt that saw common sense.
        We are most unfortunate in this regard.

        1. I totally agree . The ones who want to carry on working after 60 should be their own choice , not compulsory. I have worked since I was 15 years old and paid my taxes and NI. I have worked for the NHS for nearly 30 years which has ruined my joints from all the heavy work so I am in constant pain yet I still go to work . I should be looking forward to retirement at 60 in a few months but I am now being punished by our government to suck it up and carry on until I have no chance of any quality of life during my retirement. It’s devastating for myself and many many others in the same situation and makes me wonder what life has all been about .

    41. Bring the retirement age down to 65 as it was in the first place and then the school leavers will have a better opportunity to get a job to go into, those that wish to work beyond retirement should do voluntary work only or take teaching the young skills in all trades. Sadly alot of people working beyond retirement have pushed the boat out too far and in debt way into their retirement years, you have to down size every way possible to retire without financial worries, putting retirement age up is the wrong way to go because you block the young getting a job and yes the young do want to work it’s skills they need.

    42. I’m 65 this august worked all my life still having to work now I’m at risk diabetes high blood pressure ect ect dont want to get this virus and die
      Been told age gone to 66 as people living longer 800 plus dying a day should be kept at 65 so I can live my days out with my family

    43. Er, though much to admire in your article, what a ludicrously impractical suggestion that a state pension should only be awarded to people with 50 years worth of NI! Who on Earth is starting work at 16 these days, which you’d have to be in order to do 50 years and still be a ripe age of 66 to get the pension under your rules. What absolute nonsense!

    44. And what about those leaving school who cannot get a job due to people having to work til this age….. Women get a grip… If you have worked from 15yrs age you deserve a break later in life. People cannot work at this age in normal jobs, maybe 3hrs in a cafe or in a charity but not full days in hard labour or mentally challenging jobs… You are seriously clueless 👎… It should be choice of the person not you

    45. They won’t to get the young people working and fetch retirement age to 60 for men and women so that you have a bit of life to enjoy. Trying to work in a factory for 12 hour shifts day and night is so hard your body aches all Over i have to work till I am 67 10 more years I have worked from the age of 16 and all ways worked in factorys and not to mention the menopause life is harder than it has ever been at the moment get all the yonder people working in stead of keep having babies that they can’t afford to look after and expect the tax payer to pay i had no help when I had my children and had to work 😠😠😠😠😠

    46. I started work at 15 and now approaching 65 in two weeks I have to work another year because I need my state pension. I have been in full time employment for all these years and paid my national insurance for all of it too. I work 12 hour shifts days and nights in a continuous labour industry. I’m not sure my body can take another year of it but I have to.
      My job is a young mans job so give them a chance to take over from me. Increasing the retirement age would be murder for some of us.

    47. Absolutely
      That is exactly what their hoping for. Have worked since 15 will be 65 this year .Worked in factories doing manual work. Bet the person who came up with this didn’t leave school until 18 and sat at a desk ever since

    48. Type 1 diabetic since the age of 2. I feel discussed that the retirement age was increased (in my case by two years). It is morally wronge to expect people to work until they die.

    49. How on earth did the government get away with moving the age to 57 without consulting the public. Now they think they can up it again. God I be working till I did for Westminster…

    50. Pension age should be 65. This would free up jobs for the unemployed, and give at least 15 years for oaps,to have some down time after working til there 65.

    51. I don’t understand how this country works. Why does state encourage youngsters to be unemployed and stay at home while they punish the elderly who have worked pretty much the best part of their lives? They need to retire at 60 because their bodies are tired and they need some peace and time to develop their Leisure activities and to enjoy a bit of life before they pass away! They pay their mortgage all their lives but they never get to enjoy their homes because they’re too busy working!! It is highly unfair to treat elderly people this way!! I suggest putting youngsters in the workforce as soon as they leave school or college or university and let the elderlies make way for them by retiring at 60. I think the biggest mistake was raising retirement to 65/66! it needs to be 60 or even 62 but no more than that! This country does not respect the elderly at all! The policy makers will be old one day too. Why are you making life more difficult then it needs to be?

      1. Like defined benefit pensions if you take your state pension early the state pension should be acturarly reduced. If your circumstances are such you need to take your pension early you should be able to. Common sense is all that is required. Some jobs require different levels of physical and mental ability such as firemen, police, builders , long distant lorry drivers which surely shouldn’t be working passed 65. I feel if you’ve paid over 35 years and paid tax you’ve contributed sufficient . Its all relative. If your fit and well defer taking your pension. Flexibility after 60 is key. If the bench Mark age is 66 to get full contributions then you lose 4% per year so if you wanted to take your state pension at 60 you’ll lose 24% so approx £6800 instead of £9000. Equally if you defer you should get an increase. Never understood why you couldn’t take your pension early instead of having to worry about pensions credit or benefits. Since Covid 19 we need that flexibility as I think we have seen who is vulnerable.

      2. Plus the UK is the lowest paying pension in Europe. Where does all the money go?
        We are supposed to be the 5th richest country in the world.

    52. State employees should I have to retire with the same restrictions as Social Security age 62 with full benefits at 66 , mirroring SSI. It is ridiculous and financially unsound to pay a pension to a state retiree for 10 years longer than the private sector.

    53. My Wife has worked from Two days after leaving school at 15 with our age difference under the old retirement ages she would have retired 6 months before me and that’s what we planned for I retired at 65, I will be 68 this year my wife has still got 2 years to work she is very tired now because she has worked on her feet for 75% of her working life , we have been robbed of 10 years of retired life together touring the country in our caravan, I will be 70 when my wife retires I can’t see me towing a caravan for long after my 70th birthday all bought on by somebody who probably has never had a real job after leaving university in their late 20s ending up with a large golden handshake way before they reach 70 years old.

    54. Why Do They Say The Great British, When Obviously We Are Not Treated Great, In Anyway By What Ever Government Gets In. We Moan When Things Are Wrongfully Taken Away, Or Changed and Not In A Way The Working British Man Or Women Want. Do We Shout, Do We Make A Noise Or. Bring The Country To A Stand Still. NO WE DON’T WE JUST ROLL OVER AND TAKE IT LIKE THE STUPID GOVERNMENT WANT. For Your Own Sake, WE NEED AS A COUNTRY TO STAND UP AND SAY NO, And If Needed BRING THIS COUNTRY TO A STAND STILL, TO GET WHAT WE ARE OWED. The Banks Nor Government Didn’t Put Any Of Our Pension Fund Back. WE ARE SUFFERING FOR THEIR BAIL OUT. IF OUR PENSION FUND HADN’T BEEN USED IT WOULD STILL BE THERE FOR US TO RETIRE AT 60 – 65. Its NOT The British Peoples Fault And It’s Certainly Not The Generation You Call The Baby Boomers Fault. I Will Make A Noise But Why Sneak In This Pension Age Rise – Right In The Middle Of This Devastating Vovid 19 Virus?

    55. Nobody should recieve a pension unless they have put in a minimum of 35 years NI. The maximum number of years you need to qualify for a state pension should be no more than 40.
      If you choose to work past 60, it’s a personal choice and you shouldn’t have to pay any contributions after 60. I have worked since I was 16 I’m coming up to 46, I dread the next 20 years plus I will have to work..
      One thing I will say is if you vote in Clowns, then expect to be treated like dirt. Its disgusting the way that people except the lies Governments feed them, we live in a world of lies and deceit. Like it or not its fact, he who owns the media is where the answers to your questions lie…

      1. Nonsense. They should receive one there are millions of women out there who had to give up work to look after children. The kids were better off for it. Now we generations of very young latch key kids!

    56. I absolutely agree that it would be outrageous to raise the pension age to 70 in 2028 and 75 a few years later,
      I agree that working is good for the well being of older people but it should be a choice.
      I don’t believe people who are in the lower paid jobs or jobs that have high stress levels such as social work , the health service and many other jobs would agree that working longer is good for their health.
      I am a social worker and feel absolutely exhausted by the level of work that is expected of me and I am confident that other people in my position would agree.
      I believe that forcing older people to work longer is also impacting on the younger generation’s opportunities to have jobs and this will have a social impact on future generations.
      I am not happy with the report that The Centre for Social Justice has produced as they are not taking into account there are many jobs that would simply not be appropriate for an older people to carry on working.

    57. GREAT for those that want to retire.
      But after working since I left school many years ago and paid into both the state and private schemes I now feel its time for me to do what I want and get some of the money I put a side in pensions.
      When you finish working.
      HOW long do you know when you are going to die.
      Its ok for the government to keep putting the date further away it just means that the more you have put in, the less you will get back.


    58. I’m a midwife & at 60 years old am really struggling with the physical aspects of the job. Goodness knows how in going to keep going until retirement age. I’ll have to leave the profession I love and get a different worse paid job soon. Who actually thinks the 60+ midwives & nurses can actually run around like 30 year olds? Crazy!

    59. I had to retire at 60 and the last 15 years have been a nightmare of loneliness and poverty on just a state pension. I would welcome the chance of a proper career even now. -Just because my body is older doesn’t mean my brain has disintegrated. …

    60. I absolute agree with your article. Having nursed for 49 years the majority of the time in am Emergency Department and my final eight years of work in a Minor Injuries Department. The area I worked in was serving one of the most deprived areas in the UK.

      I saw numerous people who were self employed with manual jobs. They had painful injuries of knees, shoulders and backs. Mostly men in their fifties. Their Injuries were never going to fully improve, due to the fact they had to continue working with the injury and pain for many more years till retirement. Some have no time off work to allow partial recovery. They just could not afford to.

      I also saw many people who were on benefits and would like to work. They couldn’t afford to work as they got more on benifits, than they could earn. People should be helped and encouraged to work, but for a decent pay packet at the end of the month. The mimimum wage is just not good enough. Surely the economy of the country would then oimprove with out penalised the elder.
      There is a huge ” workforce” of elderly looking after grandchildren as unpaid childcare. Forcing them to work longer before retirement would surley have a detrimental effect on those parents who could go out to work
      How would all the charities continue to run with out their unpaid volunteer’s.

      I worked till I was nearly 68 years and would have continued for longer if I had been physically able. That however was my choice. I was enabled to continue working past retirement because I was allowed flexibility of hours. Also allowed to work at my own pace as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. I had an enlightened manager.

    61. I am 61 yrs old and have worked since I was 16yrs old with a break of 5yrs when I had my children. When I commenced work there was no company pensions offered. When I returned to work after having my 3 children there was a company pension however you had to work for the company for 2yrs before you could join. I joined as soon as I could.
      Recently, in January this year after 23 yrs service with a company they made me redundant and once the Shielding has finished I will be looking for another job as I am not due to get state pension until I am 66. I have suffered with Physcratic Arthritis since 2003 and my husband has COPD and this is why we are currently Shielding. I believe it is outrageous that they moved the retirement ages at all. It just proves they have no idea about the worker’s of this country or they dont care what happens to them they are collateral damage. The people who keep this country going will not be living so long in the future. I agree with your comments they should not be raising it any further until they have considered how they can accommodate working people who cannot currently reach the retirement age in work as companies do discriminate.

    62. Only way to get a job after 50 seems to be is to become self employed. If you can think of a skill or opportunity it doesnt have to be big and can be part time to help with some income and help your mental health. Also if your short of NI contributions and cant get NI credits class 2 NI credits for self employed are very reasonable at about £3 per week.

    63. I work in a nursing and emi home, I’m 60 in June, I work full time, it’s a very physical job, hoisting many people, many times throughout a 12 hour shift, turning people, doing personal care, whilst some fight you as you are giving it or people who can’t move and feels like a dead weight. Getting attacked sometimes in the Emi unit. I love my job and the people but I’m getting exhausted after my 12 hour shifts, my body aches constantly, I’m the oldest carer there, I’m not lazy and can graft like any of the staff team but it’s starting to take its toil on my body and now my mind, I’m getting so depressed and worried about my life, how can I carry on untill I can retire at 66 and a half, the job is killing me. I’m single and can’t afford to finish work, il probably die before I get state pension or drop dead in work. I’ve seen a big change in my body from the age of 50, dread to think what I will feel like by the time I reach 50. Many of the younger carers I work with feel the same way as me

    64. That is right , It is disgusting to keep changing pension age It should not change from 66 for men and women
      we are in mid fifties now and we struggle on manual job tells on the body. We should have the choice we have paid into it .

    65. I agree with one of your readers that wrote Mrs Ray where she has said give the younger generation a chance I could not agree with her more by the time some people reach the age of 60 if not younger they would have had possibly heart conditions cancer dementia may have kicked in their physical ability some of them may not be able to work to wait to get pension the age to 70 75 is absolutely ridiculous you can’t get a job even at 60 if you wanted to as they say you are to old because they prefer the younger generation that is more healthier and fitter if you have a job in your 60s your are very lucky to rise in the age of 70 75 is absolutely stupid and diabolical we are the lowest paid in the world when it comes to state pension surely the government must rethink on what they are doing what they could do instead is raise the tax they have done it before in the past yes people will complain but eventually they will not even notice once they get there wages SO GOVERNMENT DWP really think on what you are doing the only thing I can say is that they just don’t want you to RETIRE

    66. Who comes up with these outragious ideas many people won’t survive to get a pension.
      We seem to be having a succession of mean spirited governments in this country.
      Our pension is the worst in Europe
      Who the hell do these think tanks think they are always attack the old do they have no better ideas I paid in a large amount in tax and n ins so I expect my pension and with triple lock I bet MPS pensions won’t be challenged.

    67. The job I do is physically demanding. I doubt if I could do it when i,m 60.I have no real saving to speak of and pay a small amount into a private pension.Anything I could say of do about these changes will have no impact. If they want to implement changes they will.Theyre probably hoping we just die before they have to pay out.

    68. When I was young, you got to pension age & retired, so you could enjoy your life, travelling, gardening,looking after grandkids & the young ones took the jobs you vacated, jobs market solved. I started work at 15, these days the kids don’t start work till much older! I am a waspi woman who was looking forward to retirement. I now have to work till I am 66, it doesn’t matter that I am a third time cancer patient or that I have rheumatoid arthritis, I have paid 39 years contributions, so I should be able to retire now! Surely we should be able to take them to court as they have robbed me of thousands of pounds! It is diabolical that they should tell me what age to work to. I might not get that chance to enjoy my retirement years if my cancer comes back & they will have robbed me of the best years of my life! So angry over this & my biggest bug bare to date!

    69. It is perhaps time to talk about pensions being defined by the type of work endured, ie earlier retirement for harder manual jobs and later retirement for office/desk jobs. It is obvious to anyone who has any common sense that there is a much greater toll on the human body for people in manual work and this should be taken into account. Someone has to do the harder work, we cannot all have office jobs. Maybe something like a five year reduction from the retirement age for heavier work with certain jobs even seven years earlier. Maybe even the thought of this might make The Centre for Social Justice sit up and realise the idiocy of asking people to accept a retirement age of 70 and even 75.

    70. I started to write a long email about how unfair getting a pension after 65 really is. The is my short version email. The truth is by the time your 65 your slowing up both physically and mentally, but still expected to do the same job as though your still 20 …thats mad! Most of the people i know in their 60’s on my council estate work and have caring duties , looking after elderly parents, their partners and or grandchildren they work and get paid do care work dont get paid. Do you really want some one like your 70 or 75 year old granma or grandad on a building site.. working in care homes, spilling your coffee on your knee in a posh coffee shop, sorting out your personal banking on high tech computers , driving your kids to school, cleaning your dirty house or pushing you round in a heavy wheelchair in a hospital…lets get serious…old is old! The job market is for the young… those with some sense said 60 was the golden age to retire although i realise its been replaced by some priviliged nit to 65 … but 70 or 75 years old get a grip, we just cant do it….really, unlike those pulling the wool over peoples eyes who are getting paid to sit around and who are both fit and able. But maybe covid 19 will sort the problem..lets face it the goverment will save millons. Do young people and those in privilaged postions really think 70 or 75 year olds can do a good job a safe job, and lets face it who is going to employ us and will we get paid the same as our 20 year old or will we be paid less? If i were an employer the risks would be too high and health and safety would be a nightmare. Its all fair and well working in the house of lords but send them on the front line to do a real days work …seems like a good idea because they would change retirement to 50 …bet ya!

    71. If you want to save money.look at expenses. The pension should be how much you have put in and take your money anytime after 60 male or female. The money you give out that has not been earned has nothing to do with pensions.. so if you are giving £15 per child to anyone giving out all sorts of benefits to whoever .paying rent for whoever and borrowing from all kitty’s .you should be held to account .not ask old age pensioners to work until they die so you don’t have to give them a pension

    72. I have worked all my married life and raised four children, originally myself and my husband would have retired at the same time , he at 65 which he did and me at 60 but unfortunately I cant now retire until 66. I am still working and my husband is retired and enjoying life, have another two years to go, not only do I struggle with my legs but technology changes and the older I get I find it hard to adapt to changes and learn new things. There are so many younger people out of work who should and could be working. I cannot believe that the retirement age could be moved to age 70/75

    73. I know young girls age 18 never have a job, and claiming .but nothing is said to them some are on the sick and there is nothing wrong with them.i am not going beyond 66, my health isn’t good now.industry cant keep you beyond retirement age there insurance wont cover you after retirement age, there was a lady in my old firm stayed till she was 74,redundancies came up they told her she wouldn’t get redundancy as she was passed retirement age.she left then died a few months after.

    74. I agree with alot of what has been posted ,i have massive issues with the potential of the retirement age moving to 70 or even 75 because our children and grandchildren will never retire ,yes people live longer ,yes people need a state pension and yet nobody has addressed where all this cash comes from .as we live longer lives we take more out of the system , not enough cash goes into the system to sustain it and those that need it ,to reduce the retirement age greater contributions need to he made financially by those who work ,access to the same system that the public sector has in regards to investment in those pensions would help massively because the difference between public and private sector pensions is huge ,we fail at times to grasp the fact that there is a huge cost to living longer ,as each year goes by greater costs are incurred in food , utilities ,council tax etc and pensions can barely keep up now . perhaps if government stopped dipping into private pensions to supplement public spending retirement would be affordable and enjoyable.a 35 year contribution via NIC is huge i would like to know what happens to the other 15 years worth of contributions ,getting the Ballance right for all regardless of health will always be a problem unless the cost of living is reduced dramatically ,and we all know profit will always come before people

    75. I’ve just let my hair go grey! I hoped to retire at 60, then it was 66. Many of us have worked full time since we were 16. Many of us are women & worked on low incomes & changed jobs. The few years I didn’t work were my worse financial years. I think we should all retire and get a pension at the same age for men & women. Work longer if you wish. Start an on line petition, get a vote & demand a realistic retiral age that we & future generations can work towards & look forward to. Do it for us & our young people. Everyone should know they can retire at a certain age. Put us in line with Europe.

    76. Yes i am 64 been looking after my husband as a carer for 15 years he passed away now no savings no work and jobcentre says i must work or loose universal credit yet older people must work till the die and younger get to have benefits to have babies living on benefits i could not pay into pensiln fund or NI now getting punished my husband did not ask to be sick or die at 87 people push me down constantly because i have a Throid problem they think im livi ng on the tax payer getting fat but its a illnesd i have othef issues of health as well its infair to be treated like this at 64 where do i work no qualifications in anything

    77. I am 64 and have 2 more years to work. I’ve worked since I was 15. I have two jobs in a school working in the kitchen and as a cleaner. It’s taking me all of my time to make it to 66 with out going to 75. I suffer from arthritis and I literally crawl up the stairs to bed because I’m in so much pain.

    78. At 66 people’s energy and concentration levels are reduced and this often leads employers to target this age range for job cuts and are unlikely to recruit older people.i believe increasing the number of contributory years to 40 could be an enabler to retain the 66 years old to receive pension.we should be able to at least match EU pensions

    79. It’s time to stop increasing pension age and bring back the old rules, 65 you retire and if you wish to work on further than 65 years you work volantery, because our youngsters who leave school need jobs to go to and the more you increase pension age the harder it will be for the younger generation to find work because people some people live to work and that’s wrong.

    80. Home Caring is too exhausting for over 60’s never mind 70 and 74 yr olds! Out at 06.30 till 14.30, out again at 15.30 home at 22.30-2-3000 miles or month! Lifting; pushing; pulling; turning; supporting physically and mentally-they should try it-wouldn’t last more than a day!

    81. I absolutely do not agree with yet another rise in age .I have worked since 16 like many others and we did not have the chance to save like they do today.i am 63 not in good health and have just been made redundant next of the pandemic.i have tried everything to obtain another job but no luck and as my husband works I can only claim JSA for 6 months! My husband is nearly 60 and does 12 hour shifts in a very physical job ,there is no way he ban do that in his late 60s or 70s what is wrong with this government ,so short sighted ,let us retire and let the younger people have those jobs

    82. It isn’t fit for purpose to impose age entitlement. We should be using our NI record to allow access with a 48 year threshold to receive a full pension. This would protect those who receive NI credits due to inability to work, whilst allowing those who through hard labour can be retired from their jobs due to ill health with any workplace pension and receive a proportion of their state pension with drawdown in line with their NI contributions.

    83. I agree with many of the comments above. I retired in February after 51 years of work. Started work at 15 retired at 65years and 8 months and I was ready for it as always worked in physical jobs. Putting the retirement age to 70 then 75years is a disgrace. Where has all the money gone. People must use there voice and say “This is not ok”.

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