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    Success for HPV ‘Jabs for the Boys’ campaign

    Success for HPV ‘Jabs for the Boys’ campaign

    • Brilliant news – success for HPV ‘Jabs for the  Boys’ campaign.
    • Government to vaccinate all boys to prevent future cancer and save lives.
    • Congratulations to Department of Health for announcing decision quickly.

    The new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has made the brilliant announcement that the NHS will vaccinate all young boys, as well as girls, against the HPV virus which causes a range of cancers and serious illnesses in later life.

    HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted viruses, thought to affect about 80% of adults. About one in 20 go on to develop cancers and many of them die as a result. Indeed, the fastest-growing cancers are HPV-related, but they can be avoided by inoculating children before they are sexually active. That is why vaccination in school is so important. For the past ten years, over 300,000 girls aged about 12 have been offered the HPV jab each year, to protect them against future cancers, and now the boys will be included too.

    The Department of Health’s advisory body – the Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisation (JCVI) recommended this last week. Within just a few days the Government has announced its decision to approve the rollout to all young boys.

    This is a victory for the excellent campaigns which have pressed for this decision for some time. The Mail on Sunday has provided brilliant support and publicity, also highlighting the work of HPV Action, the Throat Cancer Foundation, other cancer charities, the British Dental Association and many more. Huge thanks to all those who contributed to this success.

    The news will save thousands of lives and prevent much misery and suffering for men in future. It’s hugely welcome.

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